CRM Operations on eCommerce Platforms

Today, the e-commerce marketplace in China is constantly changing and requires innovative digital approaches to acquire, engage, and service end customers. Brands need to match the different needs of consumers throughout their journey, matching the most viable target audience with their desired product features, all while being constrained by their know-how of the particular e-commerce marketplace that the customer chooses to shop at. 

Majorel Infinity is a leading service provider for FMCG, cosmetics, and fashion industry in Asia for over 20 years. Majorel Infinity helps brands to achieve sustainable GMV growth through new customer acquisition initiatives as well as marketing operation efficiency improvement to achieve customer retention at affordable cost.

New customers can be acquired through “CRM onboarding paid media”, leveraging insights into the brand’s existing core customers but cross-checking with the brand’s customer persona on the eCommerce platform. Acquisition opportunity can be optimized through a combination of market insights, paid media optimization by modelling, merchandise recommendation, and social seedlings.

Operational efficiency improvements refer to optimizing company resource allocation to improve asset efficiency and thus maximize the return on investment through cost-benefit analysis. Key indicators for this service sector include CPC, ROI, activation rate, conversion rate, order value, repeat rate, COB, etc. Those objectives can be improved by paid media efficiency, campaign efficiency, and membership management.

In addition to the range of services offered to help brands in the eCommerce marketplace, Majorel Infinity can integrate and leverage first-party data from existing brands, integrated with 2nd party data (TMall, JD, Douyin, etc.) and 3rd party data. Our in-house data scientist team can custom-build data models for brands for simulation and estimation purpose. Through powerful data integration, marketing automation tools achieve precise omnichannel reach throughout the entire consumer lifecycle.

Brand M

Majorel Infinity serves a leading outdoor lifestyle brand to formulate its eCommerce market strategy in 2023, aiming to help the brand to identify the key audience and improve its operational efficiency.