How can Majorel Infinity help brands during major promotions?

Majorel Infinity helps our clients to adopt a dynamic strategy layout of major promotions at different stages according to the overall business plan. In general, major promotions are often accompanied by price competition. Consumers will compare the prices of brand products across channels, and they will also compare the prices of similar products across brands, in order to choose the product with a better price-performance ratio. At the same time, price competition cannot be separated from product sales strategies.

In the pre-promotion preparation stage, one of the key strategies is to design and integrate products. This integration not only includes market research, product development, user communication, pricing, marketing, influencer selection, GTM, etc., but also requires efficient cross-departmental collaboration. The other strategy is to fully leverage the operation of private domain traffic.  As new traffic and new user bonuses have diminished, early traffic operations have shifted to membership operations. The private domain is an important asset for brands. Therefore, strengthening member activities through member follow-up to enhance the experience is an effective way to prepare for the start of the campaign.

In the mid-to-late stage of operation, businesses calibrate and optimize their marketing strategies by tracking and identifying opportunities such as market changes, consumer demands, and competitor movements. For example, they may adjust product popularity in real-time, enhance the store’s atmosphere design, and improve the consumer experience, in order to better attract traffic flows and optimize the overall user journey. In addition, brands can try to guide consumption by constructing demand scenarios for non-essential products, and capture the subsequent mid-to-late stage flows to achieve increased sales.

Throughout the entire promotional cycle, converting public domain users into private domain community members through continuous membership recruitment is a consistent operational practice. Towards the end of the campaign, market research and insights can be leveraged to further segment the member population, allowing for comprehensive optimization of marketing strategies and preparations for new product launches and promotions in the following half of the year.