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Building a centralized customer data management platform

Background and Challenges

Company S is a leading global beauty company with over 100-year legacy of innovation. Today, the China market represents approximately 25% of its global sales. While maintaining its market share, Company S keeps its focus on expanding brand loyalty through personalized brand experiences and enriching market-specific CRM capabilities.

Majorel Infinity has been serving Company S for over eight years. We provide consumer intelligence services to fulfill the needs across different stages of the consumer journey.

Consumer Marketing Strategy

Majorel Infinity formulates consumer marketing strategy for Company S, backed by our data insights services, to drive full-range consumer operations:

  • Consumer strategy planning
  • Campaign management
  • Market research
  • List pulling and reporting
  • Thematic analysis & insight

Data and Technology Solution

Majorel Infinity assists Company S to build a centralized customer data management platform that houses its data collection, tagging, and modelling, as well as data analytics and other business applications built on top of it.

At the data management level, this solution integrates and processes customer data from first-party sources, second-party and third-party platforms, all of which are centralized to the CDP backbone through real-time or batch-process data transmission.

As for the marketers, the Majorel Infinity technology, serving as the business middleware layer in this architecture, enables seamless integration between various business applications and provides a common platform for customer data access. The platform enables accurate consumer 360 data displayed at multiple touchpoints,  and provides a flexible tagging engine to support segmentation and target audience selection, fulfilling different business scenarios. Data modeling solutions can then help recommend appropriate products and predict response rates. Majorel Infinity Marketing Cloud offers scalable automation for marketing campaigns while creating personalized consumer digital experiences.

The reporting platform offers a set of visualization dashboards for analytics covering business performance, competitors, customers, products, and campaigns. This meets the requirements of different business units to enable agile and data-driven decision-making.

The “Mini Programs” on WeChat applications, specific to the China market, are also constructed by Majorel Infinity team to ensure the personalized consumer experiences are delivered to their preferred digital touchpoints.

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